This Moment

Joining Soulemama in ~ This Moment. A moment form this week that /i want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.


















After seeing the train, then playing in the snow we headed to Arthurs Pass for some lunch and hot drinks, then went for a lovely walk up to the water falls. Madam was pretty kooked by that point so she was happy to be worn. Toddlerwearing at its best. Except up the million stairs, when I thought my thighs and butt were on fire.

It was so beautiful in the woods, the light through the trees and the sparkles of snow on the shaded trees and rocks. The waterfall is spectacular, pics don’t do it justice. Water droplets frozen at the sides all the way down, and the rocks in the river all had ‘ice blankets’ over them. I couldn’t capture it right sadly.

It was a perfect adventure day. Long, full of fresh air. Hot chips and hot chocolate. Popcorn snacked on in the car, soggy gloves and breath warmed scarves. A reminder of why we choose to live here.

We chatted in the car (its a 100km journey both ways). A wonderful capsule in which we laugh and plan. Share our ideas. Hatch plans for upcoming weekends and months, and possibly years. I have a genuine love of car journeys, not just the anticipation of the destination, but just enjoying the journey. Songs to hum too, a little voice who contributes her 2c worth every few minutes.

Today we were enlightened about her displeasure at not getting to wear tights and dresses every day, her love of the Wombles song and little commentaries on what she was seeing outside. Doubled road signs are greeted with a exclamation of ‘snap’. Its surprising how many double road signs there are on that drive. More than I’d have through anyway!

Steam Train

Or Hiro as Nim called it.





Our kid just LOVES trains. Her track and Thomas the Tank die casts are some of her very favourite toys, she builds amazing tracks that spiderweb across her bedroom floor and when she’s playing her not so little voice carries from her room. A excited, vivacious and bossy dialog between Thomas, Percy and friends, the fat controller shows up some times. He’s pretty bossy too.

So today, as we were locking the door and putting the sledge and salopettes in the car we heard a ‘hoot hoot’ – to be honest Rich and I just continued and didn’t register it. Madam on the other hand started hollering about trains. We jumped in and chased it – right into the mountains. Over taking and stopping to watch it steam past, three times. Only diverting off to find the snow. Finding it again at Arthurs Pass, where it stopped.

















Insanely picture heavy post of a little part of our weekend. We went to find snow, we found it. It was awesome. I think the pics say it all really. 

The drive up was glorious, a mixture of rain, rainbows, sun cracking though clouds and snow capped peaks. I love you South Island.

We are really hoping for a more decent dump of snow so we can get up to the ski fields – once the school hols are over- and try little lady on blades. These pics were taken at Porters Pass – its the 3rd highest road elevation in the SI and the amount of snow was pretty poor for this time of year. Enough for us to enjoy but not any more.

From there we headed to Arthurs Pass for lunch and a waterfall walk. And we saw a lovely steam train. Pics of that to come.


Untitled 7200325

If there is anything she cam stand on/leap off – she’s there, jumping like her life depends on it

This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment. A moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.

Photo 1

Kitchen and (fairy) Garden



Cheese straws for snacking

While finishing (or nearly finishing, not quite ready to properly photograph and enter in Magic Onions 2014 collection)

P7180024Untitled 7180021


I’m really hoping to complete a few more bits and get a lovely dawn light with a crispy frost, but you know, that might not actually happen, I may end up submitting variations of these. Or similar. Or it might snow and then I’ll get epic awesome snow pics, or not.

Speaking of snow it went for it today for an hour or so, but then cleared up and melted off. SO disappointed. Moo was too. She sat by the windows watching the flakes exclaiming every few minutes “mama its snow, real snow …. winter is here at last …. its been a long long time coming”. We are into town tomorrow to meet some lovely friends but hopefully on sunday we’ll be able to head to the hills and find some for her to play in.

Going Manual








Today I took my camera walking and decided to have a play at manual. Real proper manual. M mode. Manual focus. So the majority of pictures were dunces, a hilarious collection  of photographic misfires. I did learn a fair bit about my camera. Ha and my own ability or lack thereof. I’m not sure I’ll shoot on M all the time, particularly when chasing a fast moving little person. But I certainly like the better depth and feel of some of the pictures, which I definitely wasn’t getting simply on auto.

It was bitterly cold, bright and sunny. A wonderful refreshing winter walk. 

And as a side note, no I wont be offended by anyones who’s privately thinking, my god those pictures are awful, for god sakes woman just keep it on auto and accept your not a photographer!

Hat and Park




I finished madams other hat (ok, second of three – I’m on a hat binge) This one is this pattern. The wool is a synthetic fuzzy sort of oddity, $1 a ball that I couldn’t resist. She loves it because its super soft. It was hard to crochet, the fuzzies sort of obscured the stitch visibility. I’d love to try the pattern again in different wool.

The park was a spur of the moment bonus after groceries and a wet grey morning. the sun appeared for us as we came out of the store. It was too much of a gift to miss.






It was fresh and chilly but a wonderfully welcome and refreshing 20 minutes. Madam nailed her climbing and the wind made her pink cheeked and smiley. On the drive home we shared cadburys choc fingers and satsumas. And listened to the Wombles songs – what felt like 100 times – it’s a longish drive.