I am learning a new  skill. Crochet. After years of trying to knit and never progressing beyond slow and painful dishcloth knitting I made the change. Actually a friend suggested a class she wanted to go to and I tagged along in a ‘I’m sure I can’t do this but an evening out is always welcome’ kind of attitude. Yeah, queen of positivity me.

And it turns out that I can actually crochet. The class covered chaining and single and double stitches. My swatch from the class was not pretty. I added stitches in some rows, decreased in others. I even managed a nice load of slip stitches. And then I came home and throughout to myself ‘Oh bloody hell I reckon YouTube will help”. And I started. And now I can’t stop. Seriously. Can, Not. Stop.

The hats is not pretty, it’s got missed stitches, slipped stitches, wonky bits but. I. Made. It.  And that’s awesome.

The wool was a bamboo that was in our local drapery – purchased purely because it was $2 a ball. Its gorgeously soft. But I needed a smaller hook ideally. I think. I do know for sure I have a numb finger from making it. Seriously, so much crochet over two days that I have a numb spot. 

The variegated swatch in the picture is becoming a doll blanket. I’m back on YouTube for edging and scallop instructions. I am throwing everything I have at this. I will not give up. I don’t want to give up. And thats not a sentiment I ever felt about knitting!

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  1. I think that hat is really pretty. I love crocheted goodies and it’s not something I’ve ever got to grips with either. Looking forward to seeing the blanket.

    1. Thank you, I still cant knit to save my live but for some unknown reason crochet just ‘clicked’ in my head. Will finish the blanket tomorrow and post a pic. I’m ‘trying’ to do scalloped edges .. we’ll see how it goes!

  2. my mum’s a crochet-addict!!! she’s made a lot of things for me when i was younger, specially bags for school/beach that i still use

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