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A visted to town prompted a stop off at the airforce museum. She loves planes – not so much the dark inside of the hangers tho. After a number of weeks of daddy working furiously into the weekends as well as long week days she relished daddy time. They crack me up, those two.

A trip to the park, cold and sunny. A newly shaved dog. Yeah, that was me. He was knotty and smelly and yucky and it needed doing. I’m not saying I did a good job – I didn’t. He looks; as hubby put it ‘like a walking advert for why you use a professional groomer’. I don’t disagree. But i saved us 60 bucks, thats a lot of coffees! One of which we enjoyed in the weak wintery sun while warming up after the park. With papers to rad and people to watch. Bliss

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  1. even in wnter the weather seems nice there in new zealand!
    and i agree with you, if you can save some money on shaving stories, coffees will taste better 😉

  2. Lovely photos, especially those ones in the swings. And my little ones would love that hat! We don’t have a dog to save money by shaving ourselves, but my husband has clippers and does his own and Theo’s hair – and he’s not very good either! He is getting better but there have been a few dodgy ‘(and very funny!) cuts’! And he still tries to do it on a Friday evening just so he has the weekend for a little bit of growing back if it’s really embarrassing!

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