I was ill this week Hubby had to take time from work. It knocked me out. Its come on the back of a cough madam and I cannot seem to shake. Nearly 4 weeks now. So over it. So saturday was a quieter day, a few jobs in town, gentle time curled up watching a film together. Sunday was a girl day as hubby made up the lost work day. We lucked out with the weather. Sun, market, bike, river. Restorative and healing.

We try hard to be healthy, eat real food. Take immune boosters and get our vitamins. Fresh air and exercise. But this illness has made us stop and think a little. The small ‘naughties’ that have crept in and the lbs that have crept on. This new week marks a conscious effort to drink more water, herb teas. Less gluten and dairy for us all. Today I made raw energy balls ok, not that exact recipe (I kind of just throw stuff into the TM). Hubby made chicken friend rice for dinner. I have this banana bread lined up for this week. Soups and stirfrys. 

Pics of the finished crochet blanket coming this week, and hopefully another finished hat. And Im hoping to sew a little, perhaps start that elusive quilt top I’ve been thinking of for months!

This Moment

A moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.

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I am learning a new  skill. Crochet. After years of trying to knit and never progressing beyond slow and painful dishcloth knitting I made the change. Actually a friend suggested a class she wanted to go to and I tagged along in a ‘I’m sure I can’t do this but an evening out is always welcome’ kind of attitude. Yeah, queen of positivity me.

And it turns out that I can actually crochet. The class covered chaining and single and double stitches. My swatch from the class was not pretty. I added stitches in some rows, decreased in others. I even managed a nice load of slip stitches. And then I came home and throughout to myself ‘Oh bloody hell I reckon YouTube will help”. And I started. And now I can’t stop. Seriously. Can, Not. Stop.

The hats is not pretty, it’s got missed stitches, slipped stitches, wonky bits but. I. Made. It.  And that’s awesome.

The wool was a bamboo that was in our local drapery – purchased purely because it was $2 a ball. Its gorgeously soft. But I needed a smaller hook ideally. I think. I do know for sure I have a numb finger from making it. Seriously, so much crochet over two days that I have a numb spot. 

The variegated swatch in the picture is becoming a doll blanket. I’m back on YouTube for edging and scallop instructions. I am throwing everything I have at this. I will not give up. I don’t want to give up. And thats not a sentiment I ever felt about knitting!

This Moment

A very late ‘This Moment’ ~ Joining Soulemama for a moment from this week that I wan to pause, savour and remember. A special moment

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A visted to town prompted a stop off at the airforce museum. She loves planes – not so much the dark inside of the hangers tho. After a number of weeks of daddy working furiously into the weekends as well as long week days she relished daddy time. They crack me up, those two.

A trip to the park, cold and sunny. A newly shaved dog. Yeah, that was me. He was knotty and smelly and yucky and it needed doing. I’m not saying I did a good job – I didn’t. He looks; as hubby put it ‘like a walking advert for why you use a professional groomer’. I don’t disagree. But i saved us 60 bucks, thats a lot of coffees! One of which we enjoyed in the weak wintery sun while warming up after the park. With papers to rad and people to watch. Bliss

This Moment

Joining SouleMama for This Moment ~ A moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.


This and That






These are from last week I’m afraid, we have had rain rain and more rain. And coughing. And sleepless nights. I’m tired, she’s tired. We are all fed up of being inside. I think we have watched more films in the last week then in the rest of her life combined. But we are getting through, she’s getting better. The rain is stopping.

There have been awesome highlights to though. Parcels in the post to make even the saddest coughy child smile, a dress and treats from nana. Shoes to replace a broken pair (post on that soon, but can I just say Livie and Luca are a great company and I am SO impressed by them) And Playmobil. This set. She loves it. And I love that she loves it and plays happily, her little chirping voice narrating and instruction – who and what I’m not sure. FaceTime with her beloved GP’s, smiling and waving.

In amongst that I’ve managed to sew a couple of things that I must take some pics of and post. Kinda a little proud of myself. And that coat. That she loves, and actually chooses to wear. Such a happy mama.

Other things this week

Watching Broadchurch, eating beef stew, sewing this pattern, loving this blog, thinking about a nights break here – once hubby is over this insanely busy, working 14h days stretch he’s currently in. Also loving Game of Thrones, Oh my.