Trying keep up with some of the great routines and rhythms that we learnt about and established during my ‘E-Course’ a few months ago. One of our daily rituals is the weather, what its doing, how its looking, how it will effect our day.


I have been eyeing up the beautiful wooden weather blocks on etsy. So lovely, natural, tactile. Expensive.

So I grabbed out some felt, freehanded a few shapes (the sun could use some work but the rest I’m pretty happy with) and spent an evening sewing up some little weather shapes to go with our morning ‘Whats the Weather Doing Today’ song and discussions.

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  1. They look lovely and very child friendly, who needs expensive, wooden blocks! I especially like the windy cloud. One of our favourite weather activities was really simple – we got a paper plate and whichever child was doing it drew different weather pictures (very squiggly, basic ones usually!) around the edge, and then we cut out an arrow shape from some card and used a split pin to attach it to the centre so that they could point the arrow to the corresponding weather for the day/hour. They all loved them.

    1. Love that idea! Ive been looking for a way to mount the shapes and a ‘clock’ plate idea is perfect!

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