At the weekend hubby was awesome enough to take little miss off for the morning so I could have a bit of downtime. Ive been tired recently and decidedly ‘cranky’ as my loves put it. ‘Cranky’. Not entirely flattering but possibly pretty close to the truth. Late nights, long days, broken sleep and a little person with ever increasing independence and opinion have left me a touch frazzled. Frazzled. I prefer that term.

They explored a steam fair near out little town. Steam engine, steampunk, steam trains. So good. If a little intimidating initially. Me. I had a tidy, chopped wood, lit the fire, soaked in a bath and read my book. It was awesome. I was so ready to greet them when they got home. Hubby worked all arvo and madam and I, we hung out. Books, biking, rode her pony. Had a late supper. Laughed and giggled together.

The space gave me a chance to recharge. adjust my view. Ground myself and remember to step away and breathe. Three is hard. A poll among close friends revels we are all finding it challenging at times. Newborns – pah, easy peasy. Let me lend you my 3 yr old and see how that goes.

Three is just more. More fun, more active, more creative, more attitude, more words more independence and more belief in themselves. So much we want to nurture and build on. My crankiness, was not helping.

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  1. You really need to post some pictures of her mid tantrum or just looking slightly stroppy perhaps, because she always looks so completely gorgeous and sweet in your photos that it’s just impossible to imagine her being at all challenging ever! Glad you got a bit of time to recharge, your husband sounds great!

    1. Lol I know – not sure what she’d think to a picture at her cross moment. We are pretty lucky that she’s not really a tanty thrower, more the strong stubborn type! She does a great foot stamp/raspberry blowing thing.

  2. i know that feeling so well… in fact it’s like i wrote this text 😉 except the train expo!!! i’m sure they had a great time together. you know, it’s from now that they start to love to be more and more with their dads, so just let them enjoy as father-daughter!

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