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Firstly I’ll say these are more the ‘outtakes’ from the pics used for ‘This Moment’ and my weekly pic. But they also are from a delightful outing over the weekend and a new dress.

The dress is the Brownie Goose Hattie pattern, modified to have a flat neckline rather than the ruffle. I free-handed a facing to go and top stitched it in. I rather love it. Planning in a couple more.

The fabric was from a recent Etsy Order – I use this shop. When it arrived I was really disappointed in my choice (I find when order 11m at a time theres always 1 I am not so excited by – selection fatigue I think!) So it was a perfect choice for a experiment. However once sewn I realise its gorgeous and I’m delighted that the mod was a success! I think its Art Gallery. Its got a wonderful drape and feel.

It was a wet weekend, the low cloud, drizzly, damp, cold kinda day. So we got in the car and headed to the hills. That’s how we roll. Embrace the weather. Actually thats a total lie. The well meaning but perennially incorrect weather persons had promised a fine 18 degree day with no rain until late evening. They were wrong, It was raining by 9am. We had plans and were damn well sticking to them!

Our destination was Lake Coleridge about 45 mins away, up in the hills. Its a place we’ve ‘meant’ to visit for ages but never quite got round to it. There is a old and well established Arboretum, the huge lake and a little village.  We walked, drove and on the way back stopped for a light lunch at Terrace Downs. Its a high country golf course – a flash establishment that we successfully lowered the tone of in our scruffy weekend clothes with our muddy spaniel and rowdy child! The food was delicious though.

Other highlights form the weekend include supper with friends, a trip to town and some extended video watching. Madeline is her favourite and she loves the 20 min episodes from the 90’s.

*The cape/poncho is from this easy shop, she does great PDF patterns. 

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  1. I wondered whether it was a homemade top in the photos last week. It looks great, and really lovely fabric.

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