I have had a few days on my own as hubby is away for work. Solo parenting does test my ‘breathe’ reflex. That moment, where it all starts to go to custard, at the precipice of a downward spiral where a deep breath and the question “shall we read a book” bring us back from the brink. We sit. We snuggle. We read ‘The Mouse and the Moon Made of Cheese” for the 4th time.

We eat muffins before supper. Watch a little Madeline. Ride the pony (lots of that). Go on bike rides together. Meet friends for a playdate. I’m not sure how I’d cope full time, but for a few days its fun.

We are enjoying. It’s a time where I pause and really study the little lady we live with. Her personality, her quirks. Her wicked sense of humour. How much of a person she is. Her meltdown at my suggestion she wears trousers on a cold morning. “I look like a cowboy” she sobs between sniffs and snuffles. The trains that have to ‘watch’ her sleep. How her face lights up when daddy appears at FaceTime. She skips and dances through each day. “C’mon mama, skip” she beseeches as we walk along in bright warm sunshine.

And I’ve even managed to made a dress, clean the house, clear out some ’too small’ clothes and miss matched socks, tidy some of the garden. Wow, isn’t autumn a ‘clean and order’ time of year. Inside and out. It is, without a doubt, my favourite season. A slower season, full of reflection and an anticipation and planning for winter. 

Garden update tomorrow


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  1. oh aimee, how i admire you… i don’t know how i would manage to be solo parenting if even for a few days… sometimes my husband goes visit his mum and the ladies rest at home, and those days she manages to be unsupportable!!! and of course, the house’s a mess!!!

    1. I definitely couldn’t cope for longer than a few days -Ive been quite organised so all the grocery shopping was done in advance and nothing other than the day to day basics to worry about.
      He’s home tonight – we are all excited!

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