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This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment; A moment form this week that I want to pause, savour and remember.

A special moment that I treasure.

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The Coat that Wasn’t (what madam wanted)






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A winter coat by Big Little. She writes the lovely blog http://biglittletales.blogspot.co.nz/

The pattern was fantastic, easy to follow, great sizing, came together perfectly. It is the cutest coat EVER. I used my oh so precious Wee Wonder fabric for the lining, the outer is up-cycled pure wool blanket. 

I’m 100 delighted with it. Sadly (for me) Madam was not. Complete and total rejection! Its not often that happens, I usually manage to hit the mark, or close enough. But this. It was a flat no. I had to bribe her with choc eggs just to wear it for the photo shoot. She didn’t like the lining fabric (she wanted Heather Ross’s Briar Rose Strawberries) She’s not sold on the pink/purpleness of the outer either. Seriously, she’s a 3yr old girl who lives in dresses …. you’d think pink would hit the mark huh?

After a little sulk (ok, pretty big sulk, high chocolate consumption) I’m actually rather pleased. The coat in the pics above goes to a dear friend and her little daughter. And I get to have another bash at the awesome pattern again, perhaps throw in a few embellishments – a pocket, perhaps a little appliqué.

Now that’s a silver lining.

Days with Daddy










Madam had some lovely daddy daughter time this weekend. The Airforce Museum on Saturday morning. Big planes, lots of dark. She was brilliant. Afterwards we met at the local A&P show and enjoyed hot chips and watching the animals. 

Sunday we hit the woods for a bike ride, Daddy was armed with his camera – hence the overwhelming quantity of black and white shots. He shoots predominantly in B&W. 

It was so delightful to be out as a family, to be in front of rather than behind the lens. To watch them run ahead, racing each other, him jogging (slightly gingerly on his knee) and her on her bike. Confident. Laughing. Muddy. Afterwards we visited a new bakery in our little town. It was so busy but the eats were good.


The Nelle from Brownie Goose

I know I have mentioned Brownie Goose before – I have quite a few of her patterns and I love sewing them.

Over St Patricks day she had sale on her Etsy shop and it seemed rude not to buy a couple of patterns! The Henrietta’s and Nelle were calling to me.

Henrietta is a pants pattern – I have it printed but not yet cut. They are delightful pants, smart looking, welt pocket and cuffed hems. The Nelle is a pretty sleeveless (or flutter sleeved really) dress with a separate bodice section that lends itself to contrasting fabrics and cute trims.







Over Friday and Saturday night I sewed up 3 Nelle’s. Obsessed a little. May be. So cute, So easy. Great pattern. It genuinely goes together so easily and fast.

This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment

A moment from this week, a moment I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment


What We’ve been Up to

Harvesting. 1.2kg of Paris Market carrots, washed, topped, blanched and into the freezer. Strawberries for pudding so often, roasted beets, huge beef tomatoes.



Made a Sally dress (again!) Heather Ross Fabric. It came together much better this time, I omitted the pockets and added a ruffle strip at the bottom. Huge hit.




Trike became bike. Wobbles and uncertainly. Success.



We found the tallest slide (hubby is not a dwarf – he’s 5’11!)


Not to mention sewing up a couple of trousers, digging over the carrot bed, the last of the spuds and the courgette bed. Ballet this week was a huge success. Epic fail on my part – took the camera and zoom .. no battery inside.

This week has been one of the ones that gets away from me. I have plans and intentions. Ideas and inspiration. The reality is that I thud from one day to the next, feeling slightly shell shocked. A passenger in my own life. But I figures that’s ok, just go with the flow – I’ve tried fight it before. fumbling to gain control and it never helps, never make me feel better. 

I’ve run twice, the dog is happy. Coffee with friends and a lovely 2 hours at the park in great company. Fabric bought for a quilt. That happens when you let go.

Hubby has also had a break through with his ITB knee injury. The city physio centre have been great and he’s been in for 3x physio and dry needling sessions. Scans and X-ray on monday. We have a slice of hope, that he will run again. (Brief history – used to run 3x a week, was running half mara’s in 1.24. Loved it)

This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment. A moment from this wee that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.