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There has been a lot of happening this week. Fore-mostly for you all reading this will be noticing that we are finally getting round to updating the look and feel. Sorry for random little changes over the next week or so. A touch of padding here. A new font there. It’s all good. Still the same inside. What do your think? Too grey? Not grey enough? Like the logo?

Other than that there been failure from me to take pictures and write anything. Its been good though. Garden veggies, new seedlings planted. A trip up to Auckland for the day. So good to see friends and colleagues. It was a long day. Cities confuse and muddle me. The flight back had wine and crackers. And cartoons on the iPad. Win win. Ponies been ridden to preschool (it was a bumpy ride, he was a touch fresh!) A Birthday party. Fabric mail – that needs its own post. Overlocker ownership. I made a blouse. 

So this weekend we hit the river (again) It was bliss, sunny and fun and free. We ate and chatted and threw stones into the water. The sun was strong, the water blissfully cool. We unwound. There were crowds. It was the NZ Coast to Coast and the bridge is where the kayaks come in. Over a hundred people all waiting for their ‘person’ to come in. I had totally forgotten and was as confused as hell when we rocked up to crowds and stewards and people pointing to where I could park. Typical me. 

Apparently ‘happening’ was the watch word this week. 

I love this picture. Her concentration and complete disregard for what surrounds her. Its all about those river stones. 


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  1. how many treasures from your garden…
    photos from the river are wonderful, i wish i were there… grey’s ok, and the logo very original!

  2. I am loving the new look, simple but lovely 🙂

    Seeing those pictures by the water has me longing for spring, can’t wait to put my feet in the cold fresh water.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you 🙂 It was 32 today and I’ll confess I’m slightly longing for winter. Im not good in really hight temps, I become a bit of a zombie. The water brings needed relief.

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