It pops up in many of our summer photo’s. So  thought I’d give it its own little mini post. The Teepee. My cheapskate alternative to the ones you can buy. Ones I desperately want but the niggle on my brain tells me that ‘its not worth $$’.

4 6ft Garden stakes, ours are 1inch Sq. Why stakes? They have pointy ends that dig in to the ground just enough to hold it stable and steady. Twine at the top. Mines baler twine from our hay – be classier than me and use craft twine, it’ll look cute. Pull each stake out to form a square. Cloth draped over. Held in place with pegs – yeah, hight end construction! Todays cloth was a batik sarong from Fiji – I just adore the light as it filters through. On other days we have used single bed sheets, double bedsheets and sofa throws. I rather liked how todays provides shade but allows the breeze through.

For indoors use lighter bamboo poles or stakes (easier to store). I have the plan for a a frame tent which I might try. But for now a simple little teepee works perfectly. Light airy and easy. Yes please.

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  1. genial!!! we’ve bought one for outdoors last summer but i would like one for home and i’ll talk to my husband where to find bamboo

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