Tuesday was hot hot hot. Seriously. 31 degrees hot. Like, so hot we retreated indoors to rest and cool off. She rode her pony to preschool in the morning, then I ran before it got to warm. Lunch, home and paddling pool. The pool and slide were a huge hit. A bit of washing liquid and she flew. A little teepee made with a sheet as a quiet reading nook between the sliding and splashing.

We played, came in for a smoothie, played some more. A friend came and played too. Is a dip in the pool an ok substitute for a bath? We think so.

It was lovely to live very second of that beautiful day. Drink in the sunshine right to the last ray over the fields. Summer encapsulated into 12 hours. The next day it rained. My plants were pleased. I think we all were to be honest. A cooler wind, better sleep. 

I’m also starting a E-course with The Cherry Farm. I was super lucky to win the course on another awesome blog Mothering with Mindfulness and am really excited to get started and find new way to get the most out of my time with Moo. So far, so excellent. I’ll do a proper review tomorrow..

E-Course: Creating Magical Days

“Would you like to bring more peace and magic into your days but don’t know where to start?

“Imagine gentle days filled with stories, laughter and nature explorations. Imagine (re-)discovering your own creativity while connecting with your children. Imagine creating a rhythm that makes your days smoother and more peaceful.”

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  1. Oh we were dreaming of days like these as Mother Nature dumped 25cm of snow on us yesterday. How different our worlds are 🙂 Love the little teepee, I would like to hide out in there and read the afternoon away.

    Enjoy the course, can’t wait to hear all about it, and thanks for the shout out!

    1. I know, its amazing how in one hemisphere we have summer and yet you are deep in winter. I do love seeing your winter pics – snow is magical (in smallish doses, preferably not interrupting roads/water supply!) Last year we had almost no snow, it was a definite anticlimax to winter.
      The teepee was a huge hit – at some time the poor fruit trees will actually get their stakes! We use the same idea to make them inside in winter as cosy corners. For inside we just use basic bean poles.

  2. This looks such a perfect day, and I am pretty much green with envy! I keep having to remind myself our turn will come. Hope you enjoy the course, sounds interesting.

    1. Hehe, I was drooling over your beach pics last summer! I’m still odds at being out of sync with the seasons, the other day I had hubby in stitches when I referred to ‘looking forward to spring’ (in my defence it was a cool rainy day)

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