When I get complacent about parenting, feeling it’s simple, organic and natural then a big fat speed bump jumps right up and smacks me right in the chops. This last one was big, huge even. A road bump the size of a bus. Sleepless nights, hysterics at the slightest thing, huge plummets in confidence and clinginess. Smack bang in my over confident face. It’s hard hard work, but at least it the real deal. There were times when we thought we might never have that.

The sun has finally come out and we have been able to hang out in the garden and relax. The peace of our home has really helped. A few days at home playing has refilled her cup and calmed her down. She’s starting to sleep through the night again and is coping better with her emotions. Quiet painting while I cook, resting on her quilt on the lawn. She loves hanging out with her animals and being in her own space. Its given me time to enjoy her and her company, without dashing about. 

She’s really enjoying books which I”m so delighted about, we have made regular library visits to stock up on new stories for quiet reading and its helped us to turn off the tv and find a more peaceful but interactive way to relax. Cuddled up on the sofa with daddy before dinner, reading to her dollies, snuggled in bed for an afternoon ‘rest’. We have ordered a few new ones for her too.

And this pacing ourselves has given me a little time to sew too. Bonus.

Today I finished her ‘Lazy Susan’ by Brownie Goose. I love the split bodice version and the shape, so beautiful. It was a beasty thing to sew up – no fault of the pattern at all, but my brain wasnt in it, that combined with cheaper Lincraft fabric and my seam ripped got a workout – and the bloody chervons are still wonky! I’m really keen to have another bash. I’d also love to try and adapt it to a boat necked tunic, that neckline is just awesome.

I’m quite excited as I have a couple of pattern books on order form amazon too, Japanese ones which get pretty great reviews. Carefree Clothes for Girls and Girls Style Book. I can’t wait. I also have a top for me cut which I need to sew up, just a little peasant blouse for summer, which I hope I’ll be able to layer for winter too. I have a quilt to start cutting out, a basic snuggly winter one for a friend – hoping I can actually get it done before their northern hemisphere winter ends! Other bits that have been going on include swimming locally, bike rides with daddy, playdates with friends and lots of gardening for mama and daddy.

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