A garden update.
Its going well. We have been battered by warm winds throughout this ‘summer’ and we have had a fair bit of rain. Summer not been up to much really. Ive had to irrigate almost daily due to the winds. They have messed up the runner beans (dried out he tops of the vine despite watering) and I’ve found my very cool ‘wheelbarrow planter’ for my tomatoes is indeed cool – but also impractical as its not deep enough to stabilise the stakes – so my toms are kinda twisty and bent over looking.
The carrots are doing well and so are the beets. Next year I think I’ll stick to a ‘line planting’ system rather than ‘carrot/beet bed’ of higgly planting. My second plant of carrots are finally coming through – 2 sets of seeds did nothing and the 3rd are coming up. Disappointing as I bought heirlooms the first two times and I ended up using generic seeds. I’ll try again next year, with the heirlooms under cloches at the start of the season. Ive had a few sets of heirlooms not do anything despite perfect germination conditions, so I’ll use heirlooms next year bit from a registered seed company rather than small home producers.
The brassica bed is going ok. Again I think it needs more companion planters next year and a little more order – rather than my ‘stick seedlings in every and anywhere!’ We have had a few kohl rabi but not broccoli. The kale has done well. Yummy kale chips.
Strawberries are in the middle of the season, so lots of fruits but still have to redden up. Onions are coming up nicely – perhaps a little over crowded in areas (a theme I’m noticing!)
I have a pumpkin coming through and a squash too – surprise plants which are a delightful bonus. The pepper plants are all doing well – they are in a more sheltered position and dont mind the drier weather. Today was the first harvest. 
The pics – todays pickings and supper – all home grown. Yay!
I’m trying to keep notes this year to makes sure I rotate and adapt for next year to maximise what we can get from our beds. We are hoping to add another two beds by next spring.
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