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A moment from this week, a simple, extraordinary or ordinary moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.


Cooking with Thermomix


Ok, so only one crappy photo. Sorry. My bad. Not even a complete Thermomix. Oops.

I call mine Thelma. She’s awesome. For a wide range of things. Some days she’s a glorified blender while other days I use the cooking function for multiple dishes. The steamer part – not so much so far. But hey, there’s time. I use the cooking function for risotto, soups, curry, dahl, and a variety of sauces for pasta and other. The blending function I use for baking, grinding, milling, beating and whipping.

This particular meal was home made soup – made with a little left over curry as the base that I’d done the night before – in Thelma. I added a few fresh garden veggies, 1ltr of home-made stock and some home made 30 min rolls and you have dinner. Typically I didn’t take a photo of the delightful fresh bread or hearty soup. That’s how I roll. Useless. (ignore the strawberries in the pic, Moo ate them within 2 mins of the photo being taken)

A few comments on my over all impressions. I don’t like the sales process. We didn’t buy mine through a demo. Hubby called up and just ordered one straight off. They are not hard to use. It’s not rocket science. The slightly cult type following. Not interested. The actual machine – for us – great.

At the most basic they are a fancy blender, if you don’t use its capacity to cook that is what  you bought, a big fancy, very costly blender. The scales. Yeah, they are ok. Pretty accurate. I’m a kind of free hand cook, theres not a lot of measuring that goes on on this kitchen!

If you use the cooking function its a huge help in the kitchen, particularly when you have busy afternoons or little ones about. It’s not going to turn you into Nigella Lawson. But it will help create great meals from scratch if thats your thing. And it will quietly work away while you do jigsaws or read books with small people before dinner. Mine genuinely makes certain meals for me, I put the ingredients in, blitz, start cooking and I wander off. Water the veggies, play on the trampoline with Moo etc. Is it worth the cost. Yes, I think so, but only if you utilise the cooking function. 

For example on the last couple of days Thelma has made – mango chicken curry, leftover veggie soup, choc cookies, banana bran muffins, green smoothie, and banana pancake mix. Oh and lemonade.

I don’t tend to follow any recipes, thats just me. I like cook books for inspiration but then I strike out alone. Its taken me a while to perfect some dishes. A good example of bolognese – a staple in our house. Made exclusively in Thelma it comes out unpleasantly watery. I make the tomato/veg base in Thelma, fry off the mince and combine to two in the pan. simmer for 5 mins and voila. Perfect bolognese – Like stir in sauce, only homemade.

I will make a big effort to put more of what we make on here. 


What happens elsewhere while I cook.

Lazy Susan Dress by Brownie Goose





This dress didn’t actually start as the Lazy Susan by Brownie Goose. I started it as a Sally Dress (by Very Shannon) but messed up the bodice and got frustraited and peeved so kept the skirt as was (they share a width and are both very full) and I cut the bodice from the LS and sewed it up in no time.

Its a fantastic pattern, easy to cut, not to fiddly but looks great and Amy’s instructions are absolutely fantastic. I left off the flutter sleeves as i wanted it plain – and I wasnt in the mood to faff with additional gathering. MUST buy a gathering foot – I loath hand gathering.

It sewed up in about 2h in total. The appliqué on the skirt was only a few mins as I cheated and used iron on interfacing and just sticked the detailing on. The bodice fabric is Kokka from a little 2nd hand place in our town – it was a remnant – not easy to use as it was all cut weirdly but worth it. The skirt is Windsor Lane by  Moda. 

I reduced the button overlap to make the top as roomy as possible. Winter wearing in mind and allowing for layers under neither. Also Moo gets put off if clothes are tight to put on. 

I’m delighted with it and i have to say that I simply love Brownie Goose patterns. They are PDF so you buy and go. They are easy and simple. Classic and chic. The instructions are great. Yeah, i’m a fan.




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Our weekend. Pancakes for breakfast. Slow mornings. Beach time. Dancing. New dress. And daddy spoilt Moo with a little ‘cash register’ to join her kitchen and we created a new play ‘space’.

This Moment

Joining Soulemama for ~ This Moment

A simple moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.


Not the best pic (phone photo, possibly over cropped) But a moment I was so delighted to capture.







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We are eating well out of the garden at the moment, most of our meals are chock full of veggies we are picking ourselves. I’ve started writing my notes about this years bounty and what I have done ok and what I want to change for next season. Unsurprisingly the list of things I will do differently is huge, but I guess everything is a learning curve. I quite enjoy this process, the note taking, plan drawing, working out my rookie mistakes. Reading up on how to get the best, keep the plants producing for as long as possible.

Carrots – great, be more organised planting. Beets – as carrots, and plant more. Onions – great, same again. Beans – murdered by wind, need more mulch and more shelter. Brassicas – all slow to come through, perhaps too crowded start seedlings under cover. Peppers – doing well, more water needed, Mulch. Tomatoes – more staking, less chaos. Strawberries – good, take more room then the produce they give. Peas – been and gone, did ok. courgettes  – love.

This year my biggest ‘success’ per say is that we eat everything we grow, its all spot on veggie basics and its really helping both our physical beings and our wallets to be able to have fresh veggies on hand out if the garden. And it helps my ego a little. Because I’d be totally lying if I said I didn’t get a slightly smug feeling from picking home grown veg for supper. I think so far courgettes are by far my favourite plant, so much veg, so many uses! Our newest delight is courgette choc muffins, delicious.

The sunflowers are going to be left and the seeds will feed the birds in winter. The tiger in my garden, more cute than scary. Don’t tell her though.

For our autumn/winter beds I’m planning on what beds I’ll use and which I’ll stuff with manure and leave to rest. Winter will be kale, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots (left in the ground) kohlrabi and spinach. The carrots are already seeded and starting to come up. Once the beets are out I’ll thin the carrots into orderly lines and tidy the bed. The strawberries are coming out and that will probably be the winter brassica bed, that and the ones by the back door as they are sheltered and easy to care for.

Into the green


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Today was a day of parts, a good start, a rocky mid morning. Lightened by a lovely walk after lunch in the forest. It a place that usually does that for us, revives and relaxes simultaneously. It feels wild and friendly at the same time. Our canine buddy keeps us company. She loves him. We pause to become distracted by twigs and logs, jumping and twirling.

My love of woodland I think I got from my mum. She loved the woods. We spent hours wandering when I was a child. Chatting, collecting kindling, building forts, playing hid and seek. Teddy bears picnics. Quintessential England. Perfection. Woods, river and bridges. Pooh sticks and toy boats. 

I hope that Moo and remember these moments like I do. Fleeting memories of hide and seek – complete with the memory of thinking that if I couldn’t see mama she couldn’t see me, despite the fact I was behind a 6inch wide sapling. A flash of colour behind my eyes that brings back a broken visual of a tiny island and camp fires. Sharing and apple and burning the core. Today I missed my mum.

In other news she still lets me wear her. BEST moment of the while day. LOVE how she chatters in my ear.




My girl, sheltering from the sun. Mama made tent form her bed sheet 

This Moment

Joining SouleMama 

This moment ~ a moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember, a special moment.