We have had so much rain, so so much. Literally days on end. We have chilled out with friends, bath time in a spa bath. Walking through the woods and on the brief patches between the rain we whizzed to the swings for a quick play.

Moo has coped surprisingly well. She’s suddenly discovered a love of painting. I think started by the owl picture in the photo above. Give her a outline and she will sit and paint for ages – happy as a clam.┬áIt makes my heart so happy to see her happily sitting creating, her little lips all pursed up in concentration as she dips the brush in water, then paint, then onto the paper, back into the water and repeat.

Christmas is fast fading away. Decorations are down. Beautiful gifts are all in their new places. Books are being read and toys played with. New clothes have become favourites and our routines are falling back into old patterns (with a few bumps on the way. Bed time is currently a rather protracted affair)

Life without a ‘nummy’ is tough, but she’s coping. I think she knows it was her choice so despite periods of sadness she’s never once asked for them back.

This kid is three with a capitol T. She is awesome.

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