Currently it is growing very well! We are harvesting daily now. Courgettes, onions, strawberries, lettuce (oh so much lettuce) the peas have peaked and gone (pulled this week, new ones are slowly coming away) carrots and beets are also through, little paris market round carrots and beautiful striped choiggia beets. Moo loves to pick her own strawberries – coming in with bright red juice dripping down her chin. She eats peas straight, pod and all. Lettuce does not do it for her.

The tomatoes and climbing beans are coming away slowly. My 3 pepper plants are growing slowly, perhaps in need of a little additional food. I have 2 random tomato plants, sprouted from discarded ‘failure’ pots. Additional carrots are sprouting. Nutri-reds and purple dragon, some white cosmic and a few others from a ‘rainbow’ mix. An abandoned potato has sprouted at the end of one bed.

Flowers are blooming too, nasturtiums, calendula, borage are all out. The sunflowers are getting tall. 

It is so lovely in our space at the moment, it feels friendly and welcoming, a safe haven. Leafy and green. Fun.

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