Nana is visiting, we are enjoying family time, watching Moo love time with her nana. Being bossy, revelling in so much adoration. Mama and daddy are revelling in having time with each other, christmas shopping without a toddler in tow. A film. Time together.

Madam is in sparkling form, 100% turned a corner. Its timely (although unfortunate that it wasnt in time for our Fiji holiday!) Taking time, relaxing, slowing down have all worked well for us on this occasion. I am so grateful for patience and humour.

After a swinging start to the visit, a fantastic day at a local agricultural show and then a trip to the sunday market and river the weather has turned. It rained most of the last week. Seriously, it rained, and rained and rained. Yesterday it improved enough for biking and the park.  Nana is knitting, I’ve been baking and cooking and a bit of sewing too. Course papers are being filled in, new paths are emerging (slowly ha). It has been such fun. Hubby has been working hard, but we are off for an adventure this weekend. 

The rain didn’t impress anyone. Least of all our guest! But it did make the garden grown, we are harvesting peas and broccoli and the beginnings of baby carrots. The spinach bolted and has gone. The lettuce is going mad and we cant eat it fast enough!

Today we had Nim’s party. But thats for the next post 😉

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