So madam announces she want to go to the swing, so we duly get her bike out to head down there. She flies down, ‘super speedy go go’ as she calls herself. In her go fast green shoes. We get to the swings and she totally shuns them. Like totally. Its all about the bike and going fast. For 35 mins, up and down the slope (hill is far to generous description for the angle of decent) and then potter along the edging, balancing, ‘being a big girl’. Happy.

Love that she knows her mind. Wish she’d let me take decent pics of her.






Some days (weeks, months) parenting feels hard. Like a clash of the titans. Like we simply don’t see eye to eye. It highlights my weaknesses, my lack of patience. But it also highlights strengths, determination, love, care, compassion and humour.

It is feeling like we are emerging from a hump, a hill climb to surmount the attitude (hers and mine!) and stubbornness. To rebalance respect and communication. And we are getting there. Days don’t feel as long, battles to not escalate. We both take a breath and relax.

It’s like with spring we are all growing, blossoming. It is good.

**And yes that is another Hattie from BrownieGoose. Love this pattern, it seriously sews up so well. And bonus is that madam likes it too. The main body is Ikea fabric (same as her duvet cover ha) and the sleeves and collar are some leftover that I found in my scrap drawer.

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