Nana is visiting, we are enjoying family time, watching Moo love time with her nana. Being bossy, revelling in so much adoration. Mama and daddy are revelling in having time with each other, christmas shopping without a toddler in tow. A film. Time together.

Madam is in sparkling form, 100% turned a corner. Its timely (although unfortunate that it wasnt in time for our Fiji holiday!) Taking time, relaxing, slowing down have all worked well for us on this occasion. I am so grateful for patience and humour.

After a swinging start to the visit, a fantastic day at a local agricultural show and then a trip to the sunday market and river the weather has turned. It rained most of the last week. Seriously, it rained, and rained and rained. Yesterday it improved enough for biking and the park.  Nana is knitting, I’ve been baking and cooking and a bit of sewing too. Course papers are being filled in, new paths are emerging (slowly ha). It has been such fun. Hubby has been working hard, but we are off for an adventure this weekend. 

The rain didn’t impress anyone. Least of all our guest! But it did make the garden grown, we are harvesting peas and broccoli and the beginnings of baby carrots. The spinach bolted and has gone. The lettuce is going mad and we cant eat it fast enough!

Today we had Nim’s party. But thats for the next post 😉


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We have been practicing the art of slowing down, trying to pack less into our lives. Reflecting on the fact perhaps our busy schedule that was perfect 3 months ago is perhaps not so perfect now. We need to do less. Sometimes life’s like that. And you know what, its great.

A bike trip to the park. Swinging in the garden while your babies ‘sleep’ – yup she put them to bed like that herself. We LOVE our curvy boards.A trip to the river with a buddy. 2h spent throwing stones, digging on sand and ‘chatting’ as toddlers do. Mama rather enjoyed chattering to her friend too. Tea in the car, muffins and crackers, sandy feet and sandy bottoms. Tired little people.

We try the ‘less is more’ in many parts so life. We follow the ‘Wear, Need, Want, Read principle for presents on birthdays and Christmas. The idea that overwhelming children with multiple gifts is counter productive, rather than feeling over-whelmingly loved and special, the child simply feels overwhelmed. Then struggles to truly identify or invest in any gift.That’s something we have seen ourselves. Our 25 month old last christmas, uninterested in anything but her first gift – us feeling like we were pushing her to open more and be ‘excited’. Removing that first thing to peel her attention back to the pile of presents waiting to be opened. We stopped. Wandered why we felt the need to interfere, then gave her back Nana’s Peppa Pig colouring book and left her to it. She was happy. Later she discovered her awesome puffy vest, her book, nd other treasures. Slowly.

This year there will be colouring pencils and a pad (she needs some new ones) a handmade dress, a new book. And her big gift. That’s it from us and ‘Santa’. Then she will spend the day with friends, and family. Playing, enjoying. Loved. Its not for everyone; but it works for us.
Her gifts from family she opens at her own pace and treasures because of the association to those she adores. They form bonds to those who aren’t there. A skirt that elicits a ‘Catherine chose me this’ every time she wears it, a book she chooses while remembering reading it with Nana. That is its own type of special.

We eat clean healthy food, keep it simple. We do not clutter the house with toys and ‘things’. I read some great articles about limiting toys for kids, and how even removing all toys from a kindergarten environment wasn’t detrimental (a little extreme perhaps but the study is interesting) and we try and keep our toy box fairly small.

I am ruthless at closet and cupboard clear-outs. Perhaps my mums ‘one in – one out’ policy when I was a child rubbed off?!

Somehow we have found the balance in those more material things but lost it living day to day. Becoming fraught and busy, panicky and hurried. And not enjoying. Always going and never just being still.

It has been amazing and enlightening this week watching Moo enjoy hanging out, stretching herself to find amusement and entertainment. Sometimes she invites me to join, often she just potters, checking back with me every so often. She’s frighteningly independent. I came in today to find her calmly sipping milk out of  a tall glass. She was thirsty, she rectified the situation. No mess, no spills. She helped me clean the windows – messy but fun together. We read a book.

Less really is more in our house at the moment.

This Moment

Joining SouleMama in a moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.

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A weeks worth of gratitude

Gosh is it really nearly a week since I posted last. Oops, how slack of me. I have good intentions. Promise.

Anyway, this month I am joining Little Coffee Beans  for 30 days of pausing to reflect, time to breath and take in.

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A beautiful bowl, genuinely it makes me smile every time I get it out. Fierce skies but no rain on a morning run. My happy indipendent girl in the sunshine. A running buddy. Her – she is my sunshine

This Moment and a moment of gratitude.

A Moment I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment from this week.

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And gratitude today

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That my little one likes what I make – she pulled this top out of the wardrobe and insisted on wearing it this morning, super chuffed mama.

Gratitude Day 5

For 30 days this month in gifting myself with time to stop and breath in gratitude

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My little house, a space I treasure and feel so lucky to call home. The hub of our lives.

Challenging but rewarding

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We have been busy, biking in the woods, going further, taking longer. Eating icecream at the park. Sewing cushions and blouses. A green cleaning revolution – I buy expensive ‘green’ products and it occurred to me I should as well make them instead, so I’ve slowly used them up and not replaced them. Challanging myself to find cheaper homemade ways to clean. I find if my house is uncluttered I’m not stressed. I feel lighter and happy. And genuinely vinegar, baking soda and a dash of tea tree oil does clean like a dream. Who new. The cushions are to welcome summer, bright, cheery and a tiny little bit festive. The blouse – a new pattern. Challenging but rewarding.

Gratitude Day 4

For the thirty days of this month I’m gifting myself with the time and space to breathe in gratitude.

Day 4

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Gammon cooking, grateful that I can feed my family happy wholesome food. Food we all love and that makes us strong and healthy.

There is  funny story with this gammon, it involves a broiling gammon, us going out for 30 mins and not enough water. Fire alarms, smoke and a pea and gammon soup that had a slightly BBQ flavour to it for tea.

It was a delicious soup though.