So I actual went ahead and bought a pattern on Etsy, yup, a real actual professionally drafted pattern. PDF version (I”m not patient enough to wait for post). ¬†Actually I bought 3, but only have enough fabric to make one top at the moment. I’m busy recifying that situation, not enough fabric. Well hello Etsy, meet my credit card.¬†

The instructions were detailed and complete. And easy to follow – which I need. Seriously. I need easy. I printed out the pages, stuck them together, a bit rough but sellotape and I have a tricky relationship.

It sewed up in a nap time and a bit, may be 3h in total, and I’m a slow non professional. O followed the patter to the letter, I omitted the buttons on the sleeves as I didn’t have any that worked, so instead I did a little placard under the back opening (inspired by the back of the Pepper Dress)

I used a Lincraft winter weight fabric, a navy pincord with trees on it, not thick but not lightweight. So I made a sz 4-5. Its big on her, but not horribly so. By autumn it will be perfect. The next one I will do in a light summer fabric and will do a 2-3 dress length. That should work.

Some pictures. Not many, my model was not cooperating (it was blowing a cold southerly and 8 degrees). She thinks posing means showing me her back .. we’ll work on that! Once its out of the wash (there was gardening done this afternoon, the dress suffered) I’ll take some hung up pics.



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