I wrote a while ago about my craft space which we have slowly been making homely and fun, finally its presentable enough to photograph!






Its still work in progress but its a lovely space now. We have always used it as a ‘sleep out’ – a iconic kiwi spare room thats not attached to the house. It’s n\known in our house as ‘Nana Sues’ room. But since there is about 10 months of the year it was sitting unused we decided to give it a shake up. Its a glorious room which heats up like a greenhouse in the day so even when its cold out you can open the sliders and it’ll be lovely inside, as long as its had sun on it. At night we have a heater in there.

The quilt top on the bed is work in progress and the bits on the walls are a collection of crafts we have done and photos we don’t need in the house but are still really special. 

Moo has an art table in there too and today I moved her key board in there too – she spent a good 20 min playing me ‘music’ while I sewed up a pair of short for her. Lovely. 

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