A Quiet Space

I wrote a while ago about my craft space which we have slowly been making homely and fun, finally its presentable enough to photograph!






Its still work in progress but its a lovely space now. We have always used it as a ‘sleep out’ – a iconic kiwi spare room thats not attached to the house. It’s n\known in our house as ‘Nana Sues’ room. But since there is about 10 months of the year it was sitting unused we decided to give it a shake up. Its a glorious room which heats up like a greenhouse in the day so even when its cold out you can open the sliders and it’ll be lovely inside, as long as its had sun on it. At night we have a heater in there.

The quilt top on the bed is work in progress and the bits on the walls are a collection of crafts we have done and photos we don’t need in the house but are still really special. 

Moo has an art table in there too and today I moved her key board in there too – she spent a good 20 min playing me ‘music’ while I sewed up a pair of short for her. Lovely. 

My Garden

So I have been prmising a peek at the garden for a while, meaning to join in with both Little Mountain Haven and Soule Mama with their weekly garden tours, not to mention the awesome garden of Little Coffee Beans.

So, anyway, I’ve been procrastinating. Mostly ‘cos it’s winter here, and my garden does not look like the other luscious green productive gardens, its more a brown and grey affair with little or no productivity at all. Seriously even my winter Kale have given up the ghost. And also because grey damp weather does nothing for making a grey damp garden look any better.


Untitled 8220195





Untitled 8220223

But we had good weather this past week, the garden has been given some love and attention. TLC it needed. It still needs more. 6 bales of pea straw arrived and were used within a few hours. Sacks of peat are distributed and barely make a dent on the beds that need topping up. But slowly little by little its coming together, beginning to look like a garden, something that might, one day, with a wish and a prayer, might just give something back. May be.


This weekend was great. Seriously a lovely epic awesome weekend (not counting poor hubby having to work both saturday and sunday afternoon and most of saturday night)












But truly it was fun, both days were filled with family time and mini adventures, time outside – well bundled up for little miss snotty – and lots of letting her lead the way and create her own journeys. Even if they were just through the farmyard or the dinosaur exhibition. It tired her out but she was so dignified with napping it off in the afternoon and rising cheery – and a little manic – for book time and supper.

Orana wildlife park on Saturday morning was busy but fun, we walked round, rode on the tractor train and played.  It is incredibly well catered for with swings and trampoline as well as the animals, and there is acres of space. Highlights included having a Kea try and steal my camera while trying to take photos and Moo starting to ‘pose’ when you take a photo. 100% adorable. And hilarious.

We hit the city on Sunday. The museum was fascinating, Moo had a great time and then ran off steam in the gardens afterwards. They have ‘fossil’ digs and so many things for the kids to look and touch. Very refreshing from a lot of displays which are look only and touch on pain of  death! The ‘leafy’ floor where the leves reacted to her standing and twirling around on was probably her highlight – she lay there for a long time, just moving her hands watching the ‘leaves’ dance away.


This Moment

Joining Soulemama in a moment from this week that I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment


In our week

With broken nights and illness in our house we are having a quieter reflective week, enjoying the sights and sounds around our home and locale. It’s been great and we have had a great time hanging out and enjoying quiet activities and letting madam lead with her own suggestions. Like feeding the pony apples at the front door.



I love these signs of spring, they make my heart happy. Splashes of colour and brightness that make the place come alive after months of brown and grey.



Lily comes too, someone to cuddle when it gets to much for tired legs and minds. While expensive this Waldorf doll was the most wonderful buy for my girl, an expense we have never regretted. She has other dolls but none even compare to Lily with her warm wool hair and stuffing and beautiful face. 


Baking with the thermomix – Moo requested ‘pink’ so we made pink cupcakes. I love this machine – it makes everything so easy! 


We were graced with another wet cold weekend  this week. Yeah, another. Hello spring, feel free to come in soon. 

Some instapics form the last couple of days

Photo  1


Cats being used as babies, cakes, more cakes, laundry basket den, signs of spring, some crafting, some cooking and more signs of spring.

We are finding some new fresh ideas and calmer but firmer approaches are seeing off the terrible two challenges and have restored us back to a happy peace, more listening, more understanding. I am blessed with friends who understand, who get it, offer great ideas at just that right moment and share the delights when it all comes together.

Best quote of the weekend 


The little blip we have currently is her getting up before her glow clock lights up. 

Daddy “stay in bed until the sun comes out and you can have 2 tictacs in the morning” – dont ask, they are the ultimate treat *faceplam*

moo ” 5 tictacs”

daddy “no, 2”

moo “5”

daddy “2”

moo “4”

daddy “2”

moo “3”

daddy “ok”

Love this girl.

This moment

Joining Soulemama in a moment I want to pause, savour and remember. A special moment.

Photo 3

Love this kid

Slowing Down

After a busy (wet) weekend we have tried to slow down this week. We are finding ourselves stuck in a cycle of toddlerisms, battles for control and the upper hand. Simple things are becoming tedious and hard. We need some time, some love and some strategies. 

In that quiet we found a lot of lovely moments 






I think Moo finds it hard as we try to make sure that she is allowed freedom to make decisions, steer herself as much as possible. To be herself. Unfortunately for me her current ‘self’ is strong willed, opinionated, loud and stubborn – the last one, seriously. She’s always been a great listener but suddenly I’m finding myself being ignored, polite requests are rebuffed and she’s mastered the bottom lip pout (which is adorably cute!). I find that as she ignores me I get frustrated and snappy and she then ignores my increasingly desperate and cross ministrations and it all goes south really fast!

This weeks highlights include having to leave a store with her screaming under my arm, and screeching her way round 1/3 of the grocers. While I know for some that’s pretty normal – for me they were both firsts and left me feeling out of my depth and blindsided. Suddenly weekly tasks we usually breeze though have become fraught.

And while I would really love to bring the smack-down (proverbially not literally) I know that for the most part the blame, or perhaps a better word is responsibility lies at my door and how I respond to her. 

This book will be entering our home, as recommended by Little Coffee Beans – thank you!

And we are slowing things down, taking time to enjoy the little things. Focus on affirming her good behaviour (of which there is a lot) and our communication. Hopefully remove the pressure that exacerbates the behaviour – from us both. 


We had a lovely weekend, hubby was able to ditch work (mostly) and despite rain on both days – yeah, really, torrential rain. Nasty.

Saturday we were going to local town but due to the weather we about turned and headed to the covered play areas of town – or McDonalds as its also called!

Untitled 8100043Untitled 8100041P8100093 Edit

Then we treated her to a cupcake (it was gone to fast to get on camera! Check out the remains around her mouth though. After we left the mall we headed to Mitre 10 and got bits for around the garden, earth, seeds, fertiliser and other random bits – not to mention a coffee and some sushi to eat!

Sunday we bundled into the car after hubby had a well earned lie in and drove over to Ashley Forest to watch the RallySprint that was happening. It rained. We had a good time anyway, loud cars, flying dirt and a toddler on my back eating sweets and ‘oohing’. We stopped by the river for a little play on the way home as my little lady stubbornly stayed awake for the entire journey home (its not a short one!) simply so as we crossed the gorge she could pipe up – in an extremely tired voice – ‘we go to the river, I love the river, its my favourite place’. So we did. She lasted about 10 minutes!

Photo 1Photo 5
Photo 2Photo 4

In between the rain and adventures we had a lovely time at home as well, sewing, cooking and hanging out together. I made a play mat for Nims second cousins, and I made buttons for a new project – Its going to be a long slow one but should be good! Supper was veggie cheesy pasta. Yum.

Photo 3Photo 8Photo 7

Tomorrow I will try and do a garden post. Which makes it sound as if theres a lot going on – there’s not so don’t get excited. I just want the chance to get the camera out and play with it. And speaking of cameras, now I’m enjoying the E-P5 gloriousness my photos will desist from being insta-snaps!