We have been fighting colds and coughs recently, quite probably a side effect of the local public pool. Moo is doing better than me but is still a bit fragile at times. Could be her age tho! Ha. I have found myself relying on a fair bit of iPad and dvd entertainment, simultaneously enjoying the fact she now enjoys a good episode of ‘In the Night Garden’ while mentally berating myself for being lazy and allowing television to shape our days. 

Then I thought, oh hell, a couple of hours wont kill us! I try to make sue that most of all we use common sense with our decisions, and as long as there is balance we all stay (relatively) sane. Ive had a few ‘oh we never watch TV’ comments and while a few months ago they would bite at me, now I smile and say ‘wow your’e so good, I love a bit of peace induced by The Wiggles’ and leave it at that. Its each to their own.

For me its the dawning realisation that the parent I envisioned myself being hasn’t quite panned out as expected, and slowly, thats becoming ok with me. I roll with the changes, try not to anxiously second guess myself. Where I can.

We have been trying to get outside when we can with weather permitting (its been wet again) and the trampoline has been wonderful, she bounces away and chats while I fix up round the veggie beds. I think it balances out Iggle Piggle and friends! The veggie beds are looking better and I re-planted out the strawberries – I put in 12 plants last year and now have literally about 30 shoots so I pulled them up and re-planted and distributed them. Our peas (3 sets!) are in the ground ready to germinate as soon as the weather breaks a little.

This weekend we did have some snow higher up the road so Moo and I road tripped out to play.

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